Welcome to the Final Frontier


About the game

It's the year 2250.
The Earth is running on its last legs as resources dwindle and disease runs rampant.
Seeing the situation at hand, the United Peoples of Earth have decided to start a project to explore uncharted territories.
This project is known as Final Frontier.

About Us

Team Roster:
Allen: The leader: he who makes most of the decisions of the group.
Mac: The Art Guy: he makes art, and dabbles a bit in storymaking
Andrew: The Programming Wizard: the guy who makes all the magic happen in code
Max: The guy who wrote this: I like my computer language like I like my coffee: not HTML. But hey, there's a first time for everything.

How to play the game

To play use Up, Down, Left and Right to move in those respective directions and dodge asteroids.
The Final Frontier project is Earth's last hope so make it count. You can use P to pause as well
as Space to fire lasers to destroy incoming asteroids and earn 10 points. Sometimes planets will
zoom past at random intervals and give extra points. The goal is to reach the highest number of
points possible.